Packing Leather

Title: Packing Leather 
Series: Sun, Sea and Submission (Book 1)
Genre: Male/Male, BDSM, Erotic Romance 

Length: Gleam - Novella (20,300 words)

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Release Date: July 2011 - Available Now





When Darren wins a trip for two to an exclusive holiday resort and invites his work buddy Jamie to share it with him, they are the only two men in the office who know they won’t be enjoying a typical lads weekend away.
Neither of them has any intention of chasing after girls—or even chasing after any guys other than each other. After months of subtle flirtation, Darren and Jamie are finally ready to do a hell of a lot more than stare longingly across the office.
They both know they’re going to get laid, have a laugh and maybe even fall in lust. But neither realises the weekend has other surprises in store for them—perhaps lust won’t be the only thing they fall in. Especially when one of them realises that the other man doesn’t just have swimming trunks in his weekend bag—he’s packing leather.
“Do you want to come?” Darren Clarke asked.
On the opposite side of their shared office, Jamie Baker jerked his head up so quickly he damn near fell off his chair. “What?”
“Do you want to come with me?” Darren held up the letter and brochure that had been burning a hole in his pocket all morning. He’d been starting to think they wouldn’t have a second alone all day!
Jamie blinked as if he’d never seen a piece of paper in his life. He squared his shoulders, then checked that his tie was perfectly straight and his shirt crease free—a sure sign that he was suddenly as nervous as hell.
“Pendragon Bay. That competition I told you I was going to enter—a weekend for two staying at the hotel there. I won,” Darren repeated, very carefully. He didn’t fidget. His tie could have been on back to front for all he cared.
“That was in Pendragon Bay?”
If Darren had any lingering doubts about which way Jamie swung, they died in that moment. No straight man would have whispered the name of the resort with that wonderfully awed tone. Darren leaned back in his chair, folded his arms across his chest and smiled.
“Never heard of it,” Harry Wallace suddenly interrupted, from the office doorway. Peering over Darren’s shoulder, he glanced at the rather bland front cover of the brochure. “If Jamie’s too damn miserable to go there, I will. A lad’s weekend away is just what I need!”
Darren never looked once away from Jamie’s face. The other man’s big blue eyes opened very wide. Oh, yes—Jamie obviously knew exactly what went on in Pendragon Bay. He could probably guess what kind of pictures were tucked away on the inside pages of the brochure, too.
When Harry finally buggered off, the folder he’d come into their office to find firmly in hand, Darren leaned forward and rested his elbows on his desk.
“So, Jamie, what’s your answer?” he said. “Do you want to come?”
Jamie blushed as he shuffled his papers around on his desk. “I…um…”
“Just the two of us,” Darren said. “Away from the office, surrounded by sun, sea and…anything else that might catch our interest.”
Jamie took a deep breath and pushed his hand through his short blond spikes. Darren watched his friend squirm with pleasure. He wondered if Jamie was just as hard as he was, behind the concealing barrier of their desks.
“Yes,” Jamie finally said. Just that one word.
Darren didn’t grin like an idiot, but it took a hell of a lot of self-control for him to keep his expression looking even vaguely sane. After so many months of carefully sounding each other out, it was finally going to happen.
As Jamie conscientiously began to conjure up the impression he was turning his attention back to his work, Darren didn’t even pretend that he was doing anything other than staring at Jamie across the office and daydreaming about just how many sex toys he could reasonably fit in his overnight bag.