Information for Reviewers and Bloggers


For Reviewers


I'm happy to provide e-copies of my self-pub to review blogs and websites.


If you're interested in reviewing one of my titles, please e-mail me at Just let me know which title you are interested in, where you post your reviews, and what format you prefer (out of pdf, epub and mobi). If you put something like "Request Review Copy" in the subject line it's far less likely I'll mistake your message for spam :)


Unfortunatly, I'm not generally able to provide review copies of the books I've released through publishers, since they only allow authors to give away a limited number of copies, and I've used my author copies up for almost all my titles. I'm also unable to provide print copies of any titles to reviewers at this time.



Bloggers / Interviewers / Event Organisers


If you'd like me to do something other than provide a review copy, you're welcome to e-mail me at If you can put something in the subject line that distinguishes your email from spam, that's much appreciated :)


Unfortunatly, time constraints can mean I'm not able to take part in everything I'd like to. However, if you let me know who you are (what website or blog you work with etc) and what you have in mind, I'll do my best to provide what I can in terms of e-giveaway prizes, guest posts, interviews or other things along those lines.