Gay Friendly

Title: Gay Friendly

Series: G-A-Y - Book 9.

Genre: Male/Male, BDSM, Erotic Romance

Length: Lust Bite (15,000 words)

Publisher: Total-e-bound

Release Date: July 2010 - Available Now
Author Note: All the royalties recieved from the sale of this book are being donated to Ty Hafan Childrens' Hospice. Find out more about that here.



Ellis thought a gay friendly hotel sounded nice. He didn’t realise just how friendly the men there would be…
Ellis is gay and out—technically at least. Unfortunately the only other gay man he’s acquainted with is his cousin Harry. When he suddenly gets the chance to visit a gay friendly hotel with his cousin, in exchange for paying his share of the petrol money, he assumes the impromptu holiday will be a nice gentle way to ease his way into gay society before he starts university in September.
Dominant Mitchell Thompson has fond memories of the hotel where he came out almost two decades ago. He returns there every year, and always finds it to be exactly the same unashamedly kinky hook-up party it has always been. When he stumbles across a sweet little novice who’s obviously way out of his depth at the resort, his trip down memory lane suddenly becomes far more interesting. 


And here’s a quick excerpt:

“I think I might be the only gay man on the planet who’d actually like to know someone’s name before he starts grabbing my arse.”
Half way along the path, Mitchell Thompson paused and looked over his shoulder. He frowned slightly as he shook his head at himself, sure he must have misheard.
“No, I’m not bloody well exaggerating. You have no idea what the men here are like!”
Thompson turned around and retraced his steps to a gap between the excess of greenery that separated a secluded little seating area from the paths that flanked it. The leaves parted to reveal a stunning view over the cliff tops to the sea beyond, but Thompson’s attention never actually moved past the young man in the middle of the scene.
He had a mobile phone glued to his ear, and he was sitting on the table with his feet on one of the chairs, but otherwise, he presented a pretty picture.
“I did not!” His eyes opened very wide. Pale pink lips morphed into an inviting little O. “I came here because he said the hotel was gay friendly. Friendly,” the younger man stressed. “Handshakes are friendly, clapping someone on the shoulder and watching rugby matches with someone is friendly. Trying to grab someone’s cock before you’ve even said hello is not friendly, it’s…it’s…well, it’s a damn sight more than friendly!”
Thompson smiled to himself. The younger man sounded so shocked, so innocently appalled by it all.
The boy pushed his hand through his hair, disordering the dark brown spikes. “I don’t know, maybe I’m just not as gay as I thought I was…”
Thompson’s smile faded a fraction. The younger man sounded so lost, so uncertain about it all.
A noise from the path on the other side of the seating area caught the boy’s attention. He rushed out his goodbyes and hung up on whomever had been playing agony aunt for him.
Mitchell tore his attention away from the younger man just in time to see a group walk out from the excessive shrubbery. There were half a dozen men, none of them much older than the boy at the table, and all of them more than a little tipsy. If Thompson was any judge, they were harmless. They were just as obviously out of the boy’s league.
“Hello, darling!” One of them hopped up onto the table and put his arm around the smaller man’s shoulder. “Your Harry’s—”
“Cousin,” the boy cut in, evidently thoroughly fed up with men assuming that he was Harry’s something else. “I’m his cousin.” He made a subtle attempt to move out of the newcomer’s embrace. It was so subtle, the other man didn’t even appear to notice.
“Edward!” One of the other men remembered as he sat down on the seat the boy had been resting his feet on, blocking one of his escape routes.
“Ellis.” The correction was accompanied by an embarrassed smile and an attempt to make his exit by edging crabwise along the table. He edged his way directly into a dark haired young man.
Ellis gave a shocked little yelp as he realised he was effectively pinned between the group, or maybe because his attempts to back away from one man had put his hand onto the crotch of another. He snatched his hand back. “Sorry, I…”
The guy laughed. “No need to be sorry, sweetheart.” He caught his wrist and guided it good naturedly back towards his cock. Ellis’ eyes opened wider than ever. His mouth opened and closed several times, too. No words came out.
“That’s enough.” Thompson stepped out from the greenery. Every pair of eyes turned towards him.