Free Reads


Over the last seven years I've written and released nineteen free short stories. I've recently started re-polishing them and bringing out new, more professional, editions.

Those listed below are the ones that have been brought up to standard and re-released. Others will be added as the new and improved editions are brought out.



Please note, until the end of 2016, clicking on the covers would have taken you to the book's page on All Romance Ebooks.

Now that they've closed, I'm working on finding a new place to list them. 

I hope to have new links up as soon as possible.



Follow on Titles

As you can probably guess, these are stories that follow on from other stories I've written. If you haven't read the stories they are linked to they may make very little sense to you - you have been warned ;)





Stand Alone Short Stories





Don't Read in the Closet Stories

These stories were originally written for, and released as part of, the Good Read M/M Romance Group Events. You'll find copies of them in the event anthologies. Some are also on the website associated with the event.