Better Than Sex


Title: Better than Sex (2nd Edition)
Genre: Male/Male, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Contemporary.
Publisher: Indi
Length: 12,500 words
Release Date: September 2016 - Available Now
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The book is also listed on Goodreads - please note that most of the reviews there are for the previous edition.
Please Note: This work was previously published by Amber Allure. It has been tweaked and re-edited, but has not been extended.

Wallace is all the things Brody isn’t—confident, stunning, sex on legs, oh, and straight. Brody is resigned to considering working alongside Wallace the highlight of his week and fantasizing about Wallace the full extent of his sex life, but apparently Wallace has other ideas.

The moment he started working with Brody, Wallace knew he was going to have trouble keeping his hands off the guy. In an effort to stay professional at work he’s kept his sexuality to himself, but that’s about to change.
When Wallace hears Brody say that seeing their latest project leave the premises is better than sex, Wallace knows he has to take action. It’s time someone taught Brody how good sex can be—especially when it’s served up with a generous helping of leather.



And here's a quick excerpt: 
“It’s a bloody wonderful feeling, isn’t it?”
“Hell, yeah.” Brody leaned forward and rested his forearms on the railings, being careful to leave an inch between his elbow and Wallace’s hand so he didn’t actually make contact with him. 
As they peered down into the loading bay, a van revved its engine and pulled away, taking with it the last parts of McFadden, Rutledge and Jones’s latest completed project. The carefully calibrated machines were, at long last, safely tucked away in their containers; each one wrapped up with the same kind of care a doting mother might bestow upon her newborn.
The job was done. It was on time, on budget and, best of all, it was now officially on its way out of the building.
When the van rounded a corner and rolled out of sight, Brody turned his complete attention to Wallace, but he didn’t dare straighten up and face him head on. Peeking at him out of the corner of his eye was, as always, a far safer option.
Wallace rolled his shoulders. “Feels like a ton weight has been lifted off my back,” he said, with a pleasure filled groan that made Brody’s cock rise and his crush on the older man deepen even further. “Damn, but getting that project finished feels better than winning the bloody lottery.”
“Yeah. Even better than beating England at rugby,” Brody offered, in a vague effort to make it seem like he was paying attention to Wallace’s words rather than just perving on the way Wallace’s chest muscles moved when he stretched.
As usual, Wallace had his regulation overalls halfway off and the arms of the dark blue boiler suit tied around his waist. Only a close fitting white T-shirt stood between Brody and Wallace’s naked skin.
Wallace laughed— a glorious rich, deep sound—but he didn’t look away from the loading bay. There was no need for Brody to stop staring at his torso.
“Beating England during the last minute of extra time, to win the grand slam,” Wallace specified, his Scottish accent deepening in line with his enthusiasm, as he upped the ante even more.
“Better than sex,” Brody said, now speaking entirely on auto-pilot.
Silence fell and stretched out for several seconds. Wallace tilted his head to one side. The stark overhead lighting highlighted the touch of grey at his temples. “Maybe you’re doing it wrong.”
Brody frowned, wondering if he’d missed an entire segment of the conversation while fantasising about his colleague. “What?”
“Maybe you’re doing it wrong,” Wallace repeated, his gaze still on the bare concrete floor of the loading dock.
“Sorry, you’ve lost me,” Brody admitted, hoping like hell that Wallace didn’t realise that any lapse in concentration probably had something to do with the way all of Brody’s blood had rushed to his cock the moment Wallace joined him by the railings. Not for the first time since Wallace joined the company, Brody sent up silent thanks that his own neatly fastened overalls were baggy enough to hide even the most flourishing erection.
“Finishing a project feels good, I’m with you there—especially one which was this much of a bugger. Meeting a tight deadline is a rush, and God knows the bonus is going to come in useful. Having the next fortnight off to make up for all the overtime isn’t to be sniffed at either,” Wallace said, as he turned to face Brody properly. “But, if you think any of those things comes anywhere near feeling as good as sex does, then you’re doing something seriously wrong in the sack.”
Brody stopped leaning on the railing and helplessly turned to mirror Wallace’s posture. He swallowed several times in quick succession and pinned his best imitation of a friendly, but distinctly non-sexual, smile to his lips. “Thanks, but I think I worked out the basics a long time ago, mate.”
This was dangerous ground. Brody was about to make himself turn away when Wallace huffed.
“The basics? If all you’re doing is inserting tab A into slot B, it’s no wonder what we’re doing at work is the highlight of your week.”
Brody’s feet welded themselves to the floor. Walking away when Wallace was talking about sex would be the smart thing to do, but it was also impossible. Brody was shorter than Wallace and had to tilt his head back slightly to meet his gaze. Their eyes locked. Brody willed suitable words to his lips, but they wouldn’t come.
It was bloody hard to lie while maintaining eye contact with Wallace; it always made Brody feel like he was a silly little kid trying to stare down a real man. And, whether he wanted to admit it or not, the truth was that Brody’s working hours had been the best part of his week ever since Wallace joined the team. Possibly because jacking off while fantasising about Wallace had comprised the entirety of his sex life during that time.
Unfortunately, Brody knew damn well that, to use Wallace’s terms, Wallace was only interested in inserting his particular tab into female slots. So, Brody admitting that he was all in favour of being the slot to Wallace’s tab, was not a good idea.
Brody swallowed. Apparently nothing, not even the kind of weird lingo usually reserved for constructing dodgy flat-pack furniture, could make the idea of being screwed by Wallace anything other than bone-tinglingly erotic.
“I…” Brody mumbled.
Wallace took half a step forward and dipped his head to put his mouth near Brody’s ear, as if to share a secret. “I’m not talking about the basics, angel. I’m talking about the kind of sex that makes you scream so loudly your throat aches—the kind that involves every bit of your mind as well as your body. I promise you, once you get past the basics and bring out the leather, a whole new world will open up to you.”
“Leather,” Brody repeated, as if he’d never heard the word.
Wallace closed the gap between them even further. The scent of Wallace’s bodywash and the heat of his body overloaded Brody’s senses.
“Yeah, leather,” Wallace whispered. He dipped his head further, so his lips almost brushed Brody’s ear. “Specifically, the kind that’s used to make cuffs and whips.”
Brody turned his head just a fraction of an inch. His cheek brushed against Wallace’s jaw; stubble rubbed against stubble.
They’d worked solidly for so many hours Brody had no idea what time it was. Were they wearing ten o’clock in the night shadows or five o’clock in the morning shadows? It was dark outside, but whatever the hour, Brody no longer felt the least bit tired.
He tensed as Wallace reached out and slid his hands around his waist. The heat from his palms quickly soaked through Brody’s overalls. Brody’s cock grew even stiffer.
A tiny movement and Brody would have been able to press their bodies together and find out if Wallace was hard too, but he didn’t dare.
“I think it’s about time we celebrated finishing the project properly,” Wallace said. “Don’t you?”
“Celebrate?” Brody echoed, unable to come up with any words of his own.
“Yeah.” He stroked the small of Brody’s back through his clothes, sending a shiver down his spine.
“Um…how?” Brody asked. “How do you want to—?”
“By showing you just how much better than work your sex life could be.”